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Discover the audio wonders at the UK based Shoppingway.co.uk - the phenomenal new online portal of the Shoppingway Brand. We are a vibrant gateway full of promise that delivers dynamic electrical systems of unrivalled quality.


What We Do


This is the place to find many of the world’s very best headphones and earphones, as well as consoles, tablets, cameras and much more besides. We incorporate the biggest brand names from Sony, Sennheiser, JVC, Philips, Panasonic, Kitsound, Beats Audio, AKG, Audio Technica, House of Marley, Klipsch and Skullcandy to name just a few. You’d be mad to miss out on such an awesome selection!


Unbeatable Products


You’ll be amazed by the variety of headphones and earphones we provide. Browse our stock and discover a world of audio excellence, such as on-ear, in-ear, wireless, gaming, noise cancelling (both active & passive), studio & DJ, home cinema & home entertainment (TV - Hi-Fi), on-the-go portable & lightweight, Bluetooth, Sports, Earmuffs etc. There is something for everyone, for any purpose and any budget.


Not only this, but furthermore included is a growing collection of Bluetooth speaker systems that are both portable and for use at home. Explore closer and you will find digital cameras, iPads, and tablets from the likes of Samsung, Acer, Nexus HP etc.


With such an extraordinary range of top audio equipment on sale you are guaranteed to enjoy exquisite sounds – every time.


Something for Everyone!


Shoppingway cater for every age group, including the youth, so don't forget to visit the games console section with the latest products from Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation PS4. Here, you can easily browse a wonderful selection of consoles and accessories with a ease of use being our number one consideration.

Shoppingway.co.uk with its easy navigation, simple and clean design, as well as competitive prices is the ideal place to shop for headphones, earphones, iPads, tablets, digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers, portable speakers.


The Evolution of Audio Speakers


We are living a revolution as far as wearable sensors and accessories, which now everyone calls wearable’s. There are now more varieties of headphone and earphone than ever before and the technology has finally shifted into the next generation. This exciting era has heralded in the smart pair of headphones, and Bluetooth LE no cables, which have several temperature and motion sensors to measure vital signs and transmit them to the iPhone user.


The trouble with so much choice is what headphones to go for? You must take into account several factors. But these 3 will make a difference between headphones that are apparently identical.




Sensitivity is a fact that the bigger, the better. This data is measured in decibels db and indicates that the higher the number, the higher volume will have less energy. If you go to the store and grab 2 handsets and one of them tells you another 90 db and 100 db , the second will have more volume than the first and that should be taken into account . So many headphones have less volume. Because they have low sensitivity and when you put it in a low power device for the output jack, you realize that little is heard.




The frequency is a factor which measures the "quality" of the headphones. It measures the frequencies that the headset is capable of playing. But it is something to consider, since they can have 2 handsets with the same frequencies, but one sounds much better than the other. For most humans, the ear can hear frequencies between 20 and 20000 Hz. The lowest number is lower or bass and highest treble.




Impedance indicates the power of the volume. Many headsets work with the same impedance, so in many cases be the same. It is measured in ohms and the less, the better. A headset with 16 Ohms will have more volume than one with 32 Ohms.


Why You Should Shop With Us


It’s simple: Shoppingway makes your choice easy with professional reviews on original and genuine products. Renowned for our super-fast delivery and secure payment system, you can be rest assured of a hassle-free service each and every time. What more could you want from your online retailer?


We deliver to the whole of the UK absolutely free and aim to make your buying experience a truly liberating one. You are sure to find our website fresh and full of the kinds of products you are interested in getting – we believe in only supplying the very best out there, so why not come over to Shoppingway.co.uk and get inspired.