Sennheiser HD 558 hifi High End Open Headphones with E.A.R. Technology

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Sennheiser Audiophile Headphones, the HD 558 with "E.A.R." (Ergonomic acoustic refinement), ideal for home cinema set up

The Sennheiser HD range is home to some legendary headphones. With an internal Surround Reflector and E.A.R technology unique to the HD 558 headphones, these sennheiser hd558 open-backed circumaural headphones can create an extended spatial sound that is ideal for use with surround sound systems in a home theatre environment as well as with music. The Surround Reflector and E.A.R technology pipes sound to your ears hence making these headphones popular with audiophiles.

The sound on these HD 558 is clear crisp and engaging. The fine resolution in the high frequency range is well balanced. Powerful neodymium magnets deliver powerful, expressive stereo bass sound. The mids come clean and clear, have no distortion and complete the successful sound. The closed, circumaural design protects you from ambient noise

Also featured is the Duofol diaphragms to reduce unwanted resonances to an absolute minimum.

The comfortable factor: Sennheiser HD 558 has head and ear pads made of Suede, and are a a perfect fit and comfort. Even after hours, you will feel no fatigue etc.


  • Ear-enclosing high end headphones with E.A.R technology and outstanding sound accuracy
  • The innovative Sennheiser design "E.A.R.." (Ergonomic acoustic refinement) channels the audio signals directly into your ears.
  • Advanced Duofol diaphragms for transparency and minimal distortion
  • Enhanced neodymium iron magnets for excellent Dynamics
  • Surround reflector emphasizes spatiality of the sound quality
  • Lightweight aluminum drivers for optimization.
  • Elegant, layered honeycomb design on the cloak of earpieces
  • Very comfortable head and velour earpads
  • Best connection options also on stereos at home
  • 2 Years warranty


With the special internal surround reflector, the sennheiser HD 558 headphones ear-enclosing design can produce extended spatial sound and therefore is excellent for home theater, as well as listening to music. The innovative E.A.R. Sennheiser technology equipped, so that the audio signals are precisely channeled into your ears. First-class Duofol diaphragms to reduce unwanted resonances to a minimum. HD 558 has soft ear pads made of Suede, which offer excellent comfort even during long listening experience.

sennheiser hd558 headphones

Key Features

  • 6.3mm stereo plug
  • 3M Cable
  • Each ear pad is lined with soft, very comfortable velour
  • 3m single-sided, detachable cable
  • Dynamic, open transducers
  • 50 ohms impedance
  • 112 dB max sound pressure level

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