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Stunning Piston headphones are super cool and sexy headphones from WeSC. They look astonishingly great and sound just as good. And in addition WeSC have employed a cool music sharing function on the headphones for the common music.

Modern Design

The design of the Wesc Piston are modern, sleek, trendy and sexy. These headphones will look fashionable on anyone's head, with many colors to match.

WeSC has gone to great length to design on-ear headphones that are both unique and stylish, and able to fit anyone's lifestyle.

Built-in hands-free System

In addition to style, the piston will impress anyone's with the built-in hands-free kit. The headphones have a built in microphones and remote control for ease of use when chatting and making and receiving calls.


The WeSC piston distribute detailed and balanced sound thanks to the 40mm unit speaker dynamic drivers that render great music listening experience.

On the go headphones

The WeSC Pistons come with a folding design that makes them compact for easy carrying and storage, and perfect for mobility.


Lighweight design and Soft ear cushions with faux leather cover mould around the ear for exceptional comfort. And the adjustable ear-cups for minimal irritation on their heads.


The cans come with a 3.5mm gold-plated jack that allows connectivity with almost all media player and mobile phones.


WeSC piston headphones
Rotating earcups - ideal for listening to environmental sounds (E.g. perfect for DJs)
1 Touch hands-free unit (microphone and control button) in the cable allows you to use a headset, as well as for Skype
Music Sharing function for the common music: another headphone can be connected directly to the headphones

Technical Specifications

Perfect for iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Xperia etc
40mm Power Speaker Drivers
1 KHz sensitivity: 120 db
Frequency range: 20-20 00 Hz
Gold Plated 3.5mm Stereo Plug

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