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The August EP650 bluetooth headphones are a powerhouse, which seamlessly connect to Bluetooth devices - mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops, smart phones...

Ultimate sound quality:

Enjoy Perfect sound quality without cable with the wireless august headphones. With exceptional sound, wireless connectivity with Bluetooth enabled devices like mobiles, iPhone, iPad, Tablet... It's all a win win and must have headset.

Built in Microphone

Built-in Microphone - Stay connected to your mobile phone with hands-free calling

Music & Calls Controls

The hands-free function integrated to directly:

  • Control your music,Skip & Forth Function
  • Adjust the volume and
  • Respond to calls directly from the headset, Answer & End calls

Bluetooth Connectivity for Freedom of Movement

Easy to use, the Bluetooth connection is done in seconds without the need to install a driver or software. Bluetooth, a wireless solution that does away with tangled cables / cords / wires.

Two wired options in addition to Bluetooth:

The August EP-650 bluetooth headphones also come with a wired option that allows you to connect to non-traditional audio devices, that are not bluetooth enabled, or when the battery is dead or running low.

  • Thanks to a 3.5 mm widely used connectivity gives you the option to use August Bluetooth headphones with home entertainment systems or non-Bluetooth audio source and even when the battery is empty.
  • With the USB to Micro USB cable: when connected to a computer, the EP650 will be automatically recognized as USB audio playback device, and you can listen and enjoy your music through the headset!

Built-in battery Li Ion - more than 10 hours of battery life for Music on the Move

The August EP650 come with a built-in internal rechargeable battery that provides over 10 hours of music enjoyment in the home or while on the move. So entertain yourself with your favorite music library anywhere and everywhere. Oh and lastly the wireless bluetooth headphones are ideal providers for Skype, Yahoo or other VoIP.

Verdict AUG EP650 Bluetooth Headset

AUG EP650 is powerful and comfortable headset that connects to any device Bluetooth - phones, MP3 player, computer, tablets - and has the hands-free function to manage calls and music.


The headphones come with a Manufacturer's 12 month warranty.

Technical specifications:

Bluetooth V4.0 Version
Wireless Range: up to 10 m
Frequency response: 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Power Drivers: 30mW
Integrated Li-ion battery 3.7V / 220mAh
Operating time: 10 hours
Recharge time: 2 hours
Standby time: 30 days
Weight: 235 g
Dimensions: 176.6 x 188.6 x 71mm

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