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With a unit speaker design specifically engineered to block external noise, pristine audio from powerful bass with balanced tones to enahance any kind of music, and three pairs of silicone ear-tips for a custom fit, the Creative EP-630 is a headphone that will change the way you listen to your music.

The 9mm Neodymium magnet transducers have the power to drive the bass, with flexible diaphragms to balance the upper registers for crisp, accurate sound reproduction.

The in-ear design isolates you from background noise and delivers optimum playback, and three sizes of silicone ear-tips mean it's easy to find the right size.

Available in colors to fit your style, the Create EP-630 has it all.

creative ep630 earphones


Verdict of Creative EP630


Lightweight and comfortable, these earphones embody oxygen-free copper cable to ensure topmost audio performance on a scope of frequencies and neodymium magnetic drivers to increase clarity, regardless of the quality of the source.

Technical Details

  •           Designed to complement MP3 players
  •           Rubber earbud design blocks noise and enhances bass
  •           3 sizes of ear tips let you customize the fit
  •           Oxygen-free copper cable for clarity
  •           Frequency response from 6Hz to 23kHz

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