Apple iPad Air Best Selling Tablet with WiFi 16GB

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Why APPLE iPad Air is the best, a more of a full-fledged computer in a minimalist form

…Apple's best tablet ever…Thinner, lighter, faster, best

It's small & light
Incredibly powerful
Has an amazing screen

Does an iPad actually require an opening? This is the fifth generation of the tablet that made tablets well-liked & admired.

Redesign & Redefine the Boundaries

A radically different iPad compared to its predecessors.

It looks & feels better, Its more lightweight, and thinner (that's a fifth off the iPad 4's unibody aluminum girth and nearly 2cm off its width). and feels more modern. And yet above all it is astonishingly more powerful.

What’s enhanced about the iPad Air?

The Apple iPad Air offers by extreme the premier quality experience of any 10” end user tablet on the market nowadays. It provides unbelievable openness in nearly every facet of practice, whether it’s all-purpose UI, transitions, opening app's, and using most app's.

Under the cover, Apple has preferred to install its A7 chip, which is the very identical 64-bit SoC powering the iPhone 5s. As an outcome, the latest iPad is two times quicker than the prior model. Connecting & linking to the internet is done either via Wi-i, or over a 4G LTE network, should you prefer a cellular-enabled iPad Air model.

Other features include-

It’s thinner, lighter& faster:

The major change from the iPad 2, 3, and 4 to the iPad Air is how it looks and how it feels in your hands. Its load has been abridged from 1.3lbs (601g) to 1lb even (469g). The iPad Air has the equivalent 9.7-inch screen as earlier iPads with a high-resolution Retina display, like the most recent two iPads. It is further at ease to hold. Earlier iPads felt weighty, but the lighter weight makes it easier to grasp it with one hand for longer durations.

It has a 64-bit processor: A true Powerhouse of a Tablet

The further encroachment is in processing power. Apple managed to bundle in the new-fangled 64-bit A7 processor and particular M7 motion processor. This won’t signify a great deal to you if you aren’t a heavy gamer or make use of a lot of multifaceted apps, but in our experience, the iPad Air is a lot snappier than other iPads when it runs iOS 7.

iOS 7 runs smoother:

If you possess any latest iPhone or iPad, then you already have iOS 7, most possible. It runs unsurpassed on new hardware, like the Air.

And thanks to the efficient nature of the operating system on iPad Air, you get more from your battery as well.


The front-facing camera makes FaceTiming look better, and the Retina Display still looks great.

Battery life is still first-class:

No improvements have been made in the area of battery life, but in spite of the smaller size and more rapidly processor, the iPad Air still gets the 10 hours iPads have for all time gotten.

In addition even though the actual battery has not been improved on, but thanks to "performance savings within the Apple iOS 7" as well as the new processors, one gets more for the same battery life.

MIMO Wi-Fi is quicker:

We noticed faster Wi-Fi loading pages than preceding devices, which we believe is credit to the unmarked MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) Wi-Fi antenna devise. This is a small expansion, but should help you keep your Wi-Fi connections.
The new iPad Air is out of this world. With the exemption of its speakers, it is a clear step up from the iPad 4.

Apple claims the the iPad Air can notch up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi connection.

Apple iPad Air Detailed Overview-


High Resolution Camera, HD Video Recording, 4G, Front-facing Camera









1 lbs




Screen Size




Resolution (X)

2048 px

Resolution (Y)

1536 px



Touch screen Type





Operating System

iOS 7


16 GB (Internal storage)



802.11 a/b/g/n



Front Camera

Video Resolution


Photo Resolution


Rear Camera

Video Resolution


Photo Resolution



Video Out


Data Connections


Headphone Input




Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor




Quoted Use Time

10 hr


32.4 Wh



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