• JVC HA-NC250 Stereo active Noise-Cancelling Folding Headphones
  • JVC HA-NC250 Stereo active Noise-Cancelling Folding Headphones

JVC HA-NC250 Stereo active Noise-Cancelling Folding Headphones

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Block out unwanted Noise: JVC HA-NC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones

The HA-NC250 ACTIVE noise cancelling headphones from JVC enhance your listening experience two ways. First they block outside noise using a a double-housing structure to add a second layer of audio insulation, then they apply active noise cancellation to remaining steady-state noise, to block or cancel up to 85% of background noise, so you can listen to your music without having to resort to high sound pressure levels.

Thanks to JVC 250 's noise cancellation circuitry constantly monitoring the process of feedback noise cancellation technology, the result is exceptional and outstanding sound quality.

And with 40mm driver units and gold-plated contacts, you get high quality sound reproduction ensuring music is worth listening to. With up to 50 hours of use from a single AAA battery, a 6.3mm dual-plug in-flight adapter, and included carrying case, the HA-NC250 is the perfect travel companion.

jvc noise cancelling headphones


JVC ha-NC250 is an excellent listening experience to provide exceptional sound quality with advanced noise-canceling and isolation technologies merges with.


Technical Details

  • Reproduction of the sound of high quality thanks to the 40 mm neodymium magnet transducer
  • iPhone / Smart Phones / Media Player compatible gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug
  • 50 hours active noise cancellation from one AAA battery
  • Response frequency 8 - 24,000 Hz (market)
  • Carrying case, AAA battery, and in-flight plug adapter included
  • Excellent sound insulation against noise
  • 1.2 M detachable connection cord
  • Works normally even off
  • 18 Noise reduction dB at 150 Hz (85%)
  • Response frequency 8 - 24,000 Hz (market)
  • Input impedance 40 ohms (on), 96 ohms (nonoperating)
  • Sensitivity 102 dB/1 mW (on) 100 dB/1 mW (nonoperating)
  • Battery life (approx.) 50 hours (with alkaline battery)
  • (Removable) 1.2 m cord length
  • Weight (without cord) 150 g (with battery AAA)
  • Accessory thin case, battery AAA x 1, dual plug 6.3 mm adapter, adapter (for in-flight use)

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