KitSound Earmuffs for iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini and MP3 Player - Multi Colored Stripes

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Meet the cold winter weather with the earmuffs

Look Cool while listening to music

If you are looking for something fashionable, trendy to wear when walking down the high street and listening to your favorite music, then look no further than the KitSound Audio Hearmuffs / Earmuffs. Its many colors & variations will actually make you look cool while keeping you and your ears warm during this winter.


Women's earmuffs
Soft headband for comfort
All-over Fair Isle pattern
Faux fur lined interior for warmth
Branded tag to inside of ear muff

Why Buy?

Wonderful Sound

Thanks to the 40mm speaker unit drivers, the kitsound earmuffs sound is punchy, bass driven and there is no diminishing of clarity or sound quality.

It also delivers a real punch when you listen to a song with a lot of bass, and you won't be upsetting your neighbours or other passengers on the bus either!

One look at the earmuffs and you might think just how the quality of your sound can still be retained. Put simply, it really does, and with its stylish, trendy super soft furry lining it will definitely keep your ears warm allowing you to enjoy your favorite tracks.


These earmuffs are not only have a wowww factor, but are also ultra-comfy for long durations of wearing, thanks to the soft, faux fur lining.

The headband can be adjusted to fit and will be suitable for any size to wear. The earcups are comfy as well as stylish, so they're easy to wear for extended durations.

Connect to phones, tablets, mp3 players alike

The KitSound Earmuffs work for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and MP3 players. So whichever device you have in the Apple range of products these earmuff headphones will work superbly together, giving you the listener quality sound and a comfortable, warm pair of ears, while all the time you will look fashionable and trendy with the earmuffs multi colored stripe effect.

Anti-Tangle Cord

The cable from the outlet is wrapped a braided fabric which reduces tangling and is supplied with a separate volume control.


When you wear the KitSound Earmuffs you will be making a statement; one that says you stand out in the crowd, as they are highly fashionable, cool looking and trendy. Most of the different colors are on trend and in fashion and deliver the kind of quality you might expect from more expensive pair of headphones.

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