Kitsound Knitted Ear Muffs ((Earmuffs)) for iPhone / iPod / MP3 / Pink

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KitSound Audio Earmuffs Plain Knitted Pink for iPhone, iPod

These Kitsound muffs are more than just earmuffs. They are also great sounding headphones as well.

Get noticed

Kitsound Earmuffs are the trendy way to get noticed and yet at the same time you have great sounding headphones included. These kitsound ear muffs are a perfect example of fashionable headphones. You can buy the earmuff headphones in 2 styles, knitted or quilted, and in addition you can get a choice of popular great looking colors. Infact you can buy earmuffs to match you clothes.


Comfort is the key to these headphones. The soft comfortable earmuffs that stretch around the back of your head and can keep you nice and warm in cold winter months unlike most headphones that are made out of plastic. The earmuffs are made from soft material so are quite lightweight and are very portable as well. They can easily fit in any space in your backpack. In addition the headphones come with adjustable back band (just gently pull apart to adjust) and therefore you can easily stretch the back band to fit around large heads or small. Comfort, Warmth and portability are a great plus for the headphones / earmuffs.


The headphones earmuffs have a standard 3.5 mm plug which is compatible with iphones/ipod/ipad and most smart phones running on android platform. In addition the earmuffs can also be connected with your mp3 player, laptop and ipods bringing out its versatility in this crowded field.


Kitsound have produced very very very nice headphones, which have very crisp audio and the base on the headphones is very good as well.  The earmuffs come loaded with 40 millimeter unit drivers that unleash crystal clear lyrics and audio music. The music experience is one to enjoy while keeping your ears nice and warm.

The cord is also toughened and flexible. It does not entangle like most earphone cords.


Generally the Kit sound Knitted Music Ear Muffs are targeted at teenagers who want to be cool .The competitive pricing makes the Kit sound Knitted Music Ear Muffs quite affordable. From young teenager to professionals, the Kit sound Knitted Music Ear Muffs have earned a place with consumers and tech lovers.

Kitsound Earmuffs

These super-cosy kitsound earmuffs are pretty cool and adjustable and the audio sounds great while keeping your ears warm.

Technical Information:

  • 40mm Driver Speakers
  • 40hz - 20khz frequency response
  • Super warm Ear Muffs
  • 3.5mm Headphone Connector
  • Adjustable headband

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