KitSound PocketBoom Rechargeable Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Hands-Free for iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablet/Smartphone

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Enjoy music and recording in great sound with Kit Sound PocketBoom Wireless Portable Speaker.

At KitSound, we firmly believe that reducing the size of a speaker, should not be a reason to compromise the sound quality.

kitsound Pocketboom wireless speaker for iphone and mobiles

Kit Sound Pocket Boom is an amazing rechargeable and portable speaker that produces huge sound. Although KitSound Pocket Boom is tiny in size, it generates great sound. It is featured with hand free functionality for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Smartphone, and Tablet. Let’s find features and functionality of the wireless speaker.

Short Description of KitSound PocketBoom:

KitSound PocketBoom is a wireless and portable speaker that is widely recommended and used to produce great sound. It is easily portable from one place to another. The wireless PocketBoom is small in size and light in weight. The bass boost feature generates high quality rich tone.

In addition, it is affordable at price and available across the UK.

Features of KitSound PocketBoom Portable Speaker:

The Bluetooth wireless speaker is featured with fascinating and exclusive sound producing and toning features that creates heat-touching great sound. The basic features of KitSound PocketBoom are:

  • Brand new and unused product
  • Portable from one place to another
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Hands free function
  • 1 year warranty
  • Multiple colors
  • 174mm wide & 87mm wide

kitsound Pocketboom Bluetooth speaker system for iphone and mobiles


Functions of KitSound PocketBoom Portable Speaker:

The KitSound bluetooth wireless speaker enables users to enjoy music, recording, and audio with great sound. The key functions of KitSound PocketBoom wireless portable speaker are:

Amazing Sound:

The KS PocketBoom is widely popular because of its great sound. It produces quality sound with a highly efficient amplifier thanks to great precision driver . You would be amused at the big sound of such a tiny speaker. The bass boost sound feature of the speaker produces top quality sound and tone.

Great sound without any wires and plugs:

KitSound PocketBoom Speaker doesn’t require any wire or plug to produce great sound. It allows users to stream music from Bluetooth devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphone, PC, and tablet. You can easily connect the speaker with your iPhone or PC via Bluetooth. It is easy to pair between your Bluetooth device and the speaker. No extra hardware and software required to stream music with the KitSound PocketBoom speaker.

By simply searching for PocketBoom in the Bluetooth of your device settings, it is extremely easy to synchronize, but with his Jack 3.5 mm, the PocketBoom can also be connected by wire to any MP3 player or Smartphone.

Portable from one place to another:

The bluetooth wireless speaker is easily portable from one place to another. You can port it anywhere as you want. It lets users to arrange music party at anywhere including park, beech, and playground.

Great for on the go with rechargeable battery:

Although it is possible to connect with a wire, the KitSound PocketBoom wireless portable speaker featured with rechargeable battery that allows users to enjoy music at anytime and anywhere. Charging once, you can stream music with the speaker up to 3 hours. The battery can be recharged by connecting to a laptop, with a USB cable supplied.

Automatic call handling:

KitSound PocketBoom speaker lets users to handle their phone call automatically with the hand-free function.

Mini speaker perfect all-round, the PocketBoom has a built-in hands-free so you can handle calls. By pressing thehands free button, your audio will pause, allowing you to take the incoming call, and once you end the call, you press 'hands free' to hang up. The clever part is that your music will resume from when you left it.

Price of KitSound PocketBoom Speaker:

KitSound PocketBoom wireless portable speaker is available in only at £38.99.

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