Bargain Lenco HP-80 Noise Cancellation headphones with Airplane Adapter

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Lenco's quality active noise cancelling headphones are a great way to listen to your music tracks and not be interrupted by unwanted external sound.

The HP-080 headphones reduce ambient noise which might affect your listening. Thanks to the Lenco noise cancelling headphones, you are able to enjoy music by shut out the outside noise.

The LENCO noise-cancelling headphones has a special circuit that reduces the influence of ambient noise and allows for a better sound quality.

Noise cancelling headphones are gaining in popularity due to the ever increasing mobile workforce and the growth of portable media players and smart mobiles like iPhone & Samsung.

So now you can enjoy high sound quality even in very noisy environments, ideal for plane, car and train.

What's best about these headphones is that not only only will they allow you to music uninterrupted, but at a low price these are real headphones bargain.

They are perfect companion for your trips abroad, as the headphones come with an airplane adapter.

The headphones have been designed with maximum enjoyment in mind, come with ear-over pads, are passive and work without batteries.

Suitable for all audio devices, these headphone can be used as normal stereo headphones, as well in the switched mode as stereo headphones with noise canceling.

Volume control, an on/off switch and the battery compartment is located on the right ear-shell. To activate noise-cancelling function insert two micro batteries to do this. A start and stop off during operation is possible at any time.

With its low weight and good cushioning of the ears as well as the adjustable bracket, pleasantly enlists the headphones on his head and causes no annoying feeling during long trips.

Product description: Lenco - HP 080
Noise Reduction of 16dB at 300Hz
Freq range 20-20,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Battery Type 2 x AAA
1.12m cord length.
Adjustable headband.
3.5mm stereo jack
Includes airplane adapter

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