Sennheiser HD 239 Advanced acoustic system with powerful neodymium drivers

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HD-239 On-Ear Stereo with Open-Air Design for High Resolution Stereo Sound

highly oriented Hi-Fi sound - it broadcasts an extremely detailed sound that could make headphones twice the price, blush.

Once again sennheiser reinforce their pedigree in engineering fantastic headphones, and the degree of musicality in the hd239 will impress anyone. With the HD 239, Sennheiser introduced a truly new concept: ultra versatile for audiophiles. At home, in the Office, outdoors on your iPod or on a trip, you have the ultimate portable headphones.

Robust and compact, it will follow you with incomparable experience of natural sound, dynamic, airy and super detailed, with serious deep and great finesse in the treble.


  • Open design, equipped with dynamic performance and ultra light membrane, 239 HD delivers a detailed, balanced, natural sound. Its extended response and its dynamics will give you an exceptional sound experience for headphones of this size.
  • Sennheiser advanced acoustic system with powerful neodymium magnets guarantee maximum performance and a high-fidelity audio. These headphones offer an experience of soft high quality audio that allows us to appreciate the finer details with total clarity.
  • Robust and powerful components: materials high-tech, amazing quality according to tight tolerances, guarantees extreme robustness and worthy of one the best audiophile headphones in this price range. The sennheiser 239 comes with a carrying case.
  • Comfort in all circumstances: its padded headband design allows to adjust the sennheiser hd 239 on your head at a glance. Lightness of the headphones, ear soft and ergonomic perfectly marrying your ears closely... no fatigue, even during extended use.
  • Ultra compatible: HD 239 has been designed to be compatible with most audio and video players (3.5 mm Jack) such as MP3 players, iPod, CD, DVD, mobile phones, etc.
  • Elegant and unobtrusive design: it is the result of advanced ergonomic study and built from luxurious materials combining performance and aesthetics. High-tech without ostentation, this headset fits perfectly with a refined look.
  • Lightweight, space-saving and practical headphones that rotate for easy transport.
  • Swivel earcups for one ear monitoring for DJ's,

sennheiser hd239 headphones


One will be amazed at the musical details of these sennheiser hd239 headphones, that will sit firmly on your ears without crushing and overheating them. The level of musicality and ergonomics is impeccable. The bass is powerful and the treble is clear .Between the two sounds are well balanced and powerful.

Technical details

  • Product description: Sennheiser HD 239
  • Portable headphones
  • Frequency response: 16-23, 000 Hz
  • Pressure level 114 dB (SPL)
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Transducer type: dynamic
  • Headset type: open
  • Connector: 3.5 mm straight Jack
  • Cable: 1.4 m unilateral
  • Compatible: For MP3 / iPod / CD / DVD / phone

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