Panasonic RP-HTF600E-S Monitor Headphones High End HiFi Sound

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Highly Recommended & Buy Now Panasonic RP-HTF600E-S Headband

Fantastic build quality and exceptional sound reproductionis the hallmark of these great Panasonic RP-HTF600E-S headphones

Exception Sound Reproduction

Panasonic headphones model RP-HTF600E-S are for the audiophiles. These are excellent full size, closed type digital monitor headphones, full size implying they will cover all of your ears, and closed type results in less ambient noise as the earcups are closed / sealed. For individuals who are in search of enhanced audio sound, then these panasonic headphones can be the answer.


Thanks to the 50mm driver units, with these panasonic headphones your entering the next level of audio, the sound reproduction is of exceptional quality. The sound is rich, clean and powerful. Its as if your actually listening to live entertainment. Furthermore the bass is not lacking either.


In addition to that these are pro-studio monitor headphones that have a single-sided cord, which means the cord enters from one ear piece and supplies power to both from the same end. It’s a full sized-air digital type design with a state-of-the-art audio performance in a compact & comfortable design.

Talking about the comfortable design, panasonic has used very smartly designed soft foam ear pads which are large enough to provide you comfort for long durations. In addition the headband has a flexible, quick-fit-2-step mechanism.

Apart from great sound and great looks, they are also convenient for home / studio usage as they come with a high quality 3 meters cable, for easy manouverbility in the studio.

Lastly in this model of Pro studio-monitor headphones the plug is 3.5mm which is a very universal size and it is compatible to almost every device now-a days. So just go for it and enjoy the extraordinary feeling by listening to the high quality sound.

Panasonic RP-HTF600E-S Monitor Headphones


A great buy, Panasonic headphones offer so much for little. So what more can we say.

  •     Single-side cord
  •     50mm large driver units
  •     Quick-fit 2-step headband adjustment
  •     Large foam earpags
  •     3m cable
  •     3.5mm plug (Plug Adaptor (diam. 6.3mm)

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