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Noise Cancelling Headphones - More Music | Less Noise | More Style from Panasonic

More humans, more noise, more hoo-ha and more demand for noise cancelling headphones.

These great panasonic noise cancellation headphones deliver performance and don’t hurt your wallet either!

They have an 81% noise cancelling ability. Background noises from public areas like planes, trains, subway stations, and crowded doctor’s offices should no longer be a problem.

Thanks to noise cancellation, there will be minimal outside noise, since background noise is eliminated you can turn the volume lower, making you and your ears happier. So go on and enjoy your music, audio books, and podcasts with peace of mind!

The panasonic hc200 come with a switch to turn the noise cancelling circuit feature on and off. This option allows you to decide when to have the noise cancelling on or off. In some situation the sound quality decreases when the switch is on, with the HC200Es this isn’t a problem, so you can enjoy powerful sound all the time even when noise cancelling circuit is off.

The hc200 panasonic noise cancelling headphones deliver great sound, thanks to a 35mm driver unit that doesn't’t disappoint. Every listening experience will be clear, crisp and enjoyable.

The comfortable ergo-design is perfect for hours of your listening pleasure. With the HC200Es you will never have to fret about sore ears again. The comfortable ear pads will not disappoint. They are small and lightweight and perfect for everyday wear.

The panasonic headphones model HC200Es also come with a 1.5m cord with nickel plated 3.5mm stereo plug. This is an ideal length. They aren’t too long so that you trip over them on your morning run, but long enough to secure you listening device in your jacket pocket while shedding the calories on the elliptical machine. These headphones are many things, but one thing they are not is mediocre. So, make the choice today and be on your way to quality enhanced listening.

Panasonic RP-HC200, panasonic noise cancelling headphones




You airplanes journeys will be noticeably quieter and more comfy with these panasonic headphones. That's what these headphones are about.


81% noise cancelling

1.5m cord with nickel plated 3.5mm stereo plug

Airline plug adapter

35mm driver units

91 dB/mW sensitivity

10Hz-21kHz frequency response

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