PHILIPS SHL3100 DJ Headphones with Impressive Sound and Punchy Bass

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SHL3100 Powerful and dynamic bass with DJ-Style System

An all conquering audio on the go. The philips SHL3100 DJ style headphones come loaded with an all powerful 40 mm neodymium speaker, which channels deep bass. Engineered and manufactured to handle a capacity of 1,500 mW, the philips headphones renders audio sound with minimum distortions Each earcup swivels at 165 ° for easy control.

1.2 M Robust Cord

A 1.2 M long rugged and powerful cable allows armatures DJ to render out music on the dance floor. The cables has been designed to withstand extended usage on a daily basis. To ensure compliance, all cable adhere to rigorous testing of 10 000 torsions.


These philips headphones support high performance thanks to support for high power, regardless of the volume and the source. Enjoy your music from your MP3 players, smart phones etc. Even at high volume, or when the audio input is important, the sound is clear and undistorted.

40 mm neodymium speakers

Powerful 40mm Neodymium speakers channel impressive clarity and depth in audio for an impressive listening experience and give wide frequency response. The audio sound offering is crisp and clear treble and detailed bass. The level of detail is remarkable: you can hear each note at the moment where you expect, whether it is for a worthy of a mixing professional, or for you immerse in your favorite music as you move.

The earcups are rotated to 165 °

Designed for professional DJ's, the headphones comes with swivel earcups comes for one side listening that swivel 165 degrees.

Wide, lightweight headband

The philips DJ headphones are extremely comfortable for prolonged use thanks to the lightweight ergonomic design and premium materials. Even in the event of prolonged use, its level of comfort allows you to fully appreciate your music.

Philips DJ Headband Headphones SHL3100, philips dj headband

Adjustable headband with shells


Adjustable ear-shells headband: Adjustable ear shells and headband is perfect to fit all shape and sizes of heads.

Designed with up and coming DJ's, the headphones are comfortable when worn for extended periods thanks to the DJ-Style System. So you can fully appreciate your music.

Foldable flat

Convenient on the go, this DJ-Style headphones is foldable to facilitate its transport and storage. With its clever design and its components, such as its solid hinges, chosen with care, the various elements of helmets are easy to handle.

The SHL3100 is foldable flat, while helmets SHL3200 and 3300 more upscale are even more compact when folded.


Durable and

Promote your image and style with headphones that deliver impressive sound and punchy bass. Enjoy great sound wherever you are. The soft pads of 85 mm diameter perfectly isolate your ears from excluding ambient noise and improving the audio.

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