Philips SHL5205 CitiScape Shibuya Headphone Headset Deep Bass

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Philips CitiScape Shibuya Headphone

Philips SHL5205 headphones, another for the customized enjoyment of music on city streets by philips. The iconic design of the CitiScape Shibuya is influenced by the Japanese pop culture and elegant simplicity. The lightweight breathable bracket with auto-fitting adjustable noise-insulating cushion padding provide for a secure fit and perfect comfort while you immerse yourself in the powerful bass.

Prevailing 40mm Drivers distribute Deep and Dynamic Bass

Enter into your groove with sound that features a compelling punch, thanks to highly effective 40 mm drivers which produce strong as well as vibrant bass sounds. With Philips' history in audio excellence, you can assume confidence in that the Philips SHL5205/10 CitiScape headsets will guarantee a vividly transferring sound experience anywhere you precede. Thanks to the proven Philips sound quality experience with CitiScape headphones a rousing sound, where ever you are.

Soft Foam Cushion padding for melody pleasure in True soothe

The gentle as well as light-weight headset is perforated so that you can relieve warmth build-up when you are putting on your Philips SHL5205/10 CitiScape headsets.

Supple Breathable Headset for Long-Listening Comfort

Ultra-soft as well as flexible cushions hug curves of the ears in a relaxed manner and also safely and securely in order to create an ideal seal. The Philips SHL5205/10 CitiScape headsets enable you to immerse yourself with songs for extensive amounts of time.

Separating Cushions obstruct Out the City Noise

Engage in the city thrill thanks to the amazingly soft ear cushions that hem in the audio sound around your ears with regard to long-lasting comfort.

Switch from Music to Calls using the Built-in Microphone

Your SHL5205 CitiScape headsets include a built-in microphone to help you effortlessly switch from audio to calls. It's really a breeze staying associated with your tunes and with the individuals who matter most to you.

Smooth 1. 2m Anti-Tangle Cord Continues an individual Kink as well as Knot-free

Leave behind tangled and sloppy cords. Your SHL5205 CitiScape headphones 1. 2m anti-tangle prevents tangles and knotting. Anyone can concentrate on what matters most, such as taking pleasure in your audio effortlessly anywhere you head out.

philips SHL5205 CitiScape headphones


  • High-performance 40 mm speakers deliver deep and dynamic bass
    Noise-isolating ear pads protect against environmental noise
    Soft, breathable ironing for long wearing comfort while listening to
    Flat, 1.2 m long cable prevents folded and knotting
    Switch from music to calls with built-in mic

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