Philips SHQ3200/10 ActionFit Washable Ultra Light Sports Headphones - Earhooks

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Philips SHQ3200/10 ActionFit Washable Ultra Light Sports Headphones - Earhooks

With its adjustable ear towers, the SHQ3200 lightweight and resistant to perspiration lets you focus on your task, without loss of motivation.
Simply hang the headphones on your ears, and adjust towers to accommodate your morphology. You are now ready to face all types of land and exercise: your headphones will not budge regardless of the circumstances.


Patented adjustable ear hook for a secure fit - With the patented, adjustable ear clip electrodes headphones ensure a ultimate fit which is both safe and comfortable. Simply place the earhooks around your ears, and slide the adjustable handle up or down so that it is adapted exactly to your ear. Now you are ready for any fitness or terrain.

Caps in S, M, L - 3 Cap sizes for optimal fit

Soft silicone caps - Ultra-soft silicone caps for comfortable fit. Their ActionFit headphones feature super soft silicone caps that fit perfectly into your ear. So comfortable that you never want to take off!

Clip and bag - Cable clip and protective bag for ease of use and storage. Their ActionFit headphones contain a clip and a pocket for easy cable management and safe storage. Enjoy a tangle-free workout with the clip, and then store them in the bag.

Kevlar reinforced cables - Kevlar-reinforced cables for ultimate durability, and extremely robust and stable. The Kevlar-reinforced cable is extremely tear-resistant and shatter-proof and can withstand even extreme environments (and training)

Reflexive stopper in the cable

Sweat and rain-proof - Sweat and rain-resistant - perfect for every fitness training. Electrodes headphones have been designed for an active lifestyle. What the sport you prefer, your headphones can cope with the heat, the sweat and the wetness! Your headphones are made of high-quality waterproof materials and sweat and rain-resistant comfort.

Perfect fit and lightweight comfort - Their ActionFit headphones weigh only 8g and are particularly comfortable to wear. The only thing you will feel is the wonderful, rich sound that motivates you.

Excellent sound with 9 mm drivers - With 9 mm drivers that are specifically designed for excellent sound. Enjoy a pure and powerful sound, immerse in your training and get the most out of your music and your movements

Powerful bass for perfect motivation - There is nothing better than a good rhythm for your fitness training, you will experience a deep and rich bass that will take your sport to the Groove

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Product features

  • Patented adjustable ear hook for a secure fit
  • 3 Cap sizes for optimal fit
  • Ultra-soft silicone caps for comfortable fit
  • Cable clip and protective bag for ease of use and storage
  • Included: includes: carrying bag

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