RHA MA750 Noise Isolating Premium Earphones with Impeccable Sound

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A Musical Masterpiece in both Sound and Materials with RHA MA 750 Earphones

The MA750: High-quality noise-isolating in-ear headphones with three year warranty

These earphones feature handmade dynamic drivers, as well as supporting machined stainless steel and a premium style oxygen free cable. These RHA MA750 earphones have an aerophonic design and 560.1 drivers, ensuring that top sound quality is achieved every time. The noise isolating fit allows these earphones to be worn comfortably, without worry of them slipping out or becoming uncomfortable over time. hassle.

Key Points

  • Unit Driver Speaker of 560.1 series deliver accurate, balanced and well defined sound reproduction with excellent acoustic depth.
  • 3-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Sound insulation technology to shut out outside noise.
  • 303e stainless steel manufacture for sturdy build.
  • Selection of eartips silicone dual-density and shape memory.
  • Premium carry case and stainless steel ear tip holder

Audiophile Sound Quality
The RHA 560 series was designed by professionals to ensure that a clean and natural sound is produced, regardless of your music choice. With high levels of separation, these earphones are capable of producing audio which has exceptional power and extreme precision. A must have for any music fan.

Warranty for Three Years
The MA750 is made to last. It even comes with a three year comprehensive manufacturer's warranty, which further compliments the standard of build that these headphones have to offer.

What Comes With The Headphones?
This kit comes with a selection of silicone, dual density, double flange and memory foam ear tips. It also comes with a carry case and a patent pending steel ear plug carry case. Whether you like memory foam ear tips or the simplicity of the dual density, there is truly something for everyone.

Unique design
These in-ear-headphones utilise features which are based on the audio output of the bell of a trumpet. The RHA's signature design allows sound to transfer naturally, while also allowing air to travel to the ear from the actual speaker, uninterrupted. The end result is detailed and balanced audio that spans across the sound spectrum.

Extreme Durability
RHA earphones are well known for their outstanding longevity. These earphones are made from solid stainless steel, and they also utilize a reinforced, copper wire. This helps to reduce tangling, as well as promoting a long lasting life.

Over-ear fit
The MA750 have contoured, over the ear cable supports which help to hold the headphones in position. The cable itself runs behind the ear, so it is more comfortable, more secure, and more effective at noise isolation. The over-ear fit also makes these headphones a perfect choice for fitness fanatics, as the secure fit makes it easier than ever to enjoy music while you're on the go.


Highly accurate, balanced and articulated sound reproduction with excellent depth in the sound image to reproduce exceptional music.

RHAs 560 driver series was developed for a clear and natural sound reproduction. A highly spatial separation and distance, the driver is able to reproduce the sound with exceptional accuracy and power.

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