Sennheiser HD 220 Adidas Originals Headphones

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Sennheiser sound, Addidas flair, and compatible with iPhone and iPod as well as most MP3 and CD players. The HD 220 Addidas originals from Sennheiser have it all. The stylish white and blue color scheme and styling by Addidas make these HD headphones look as good as they sound.

And that's no easy feat, since they feature powerful bass-driven stereo from dynamic neodymium driver units, fitted to individually adjustable over-the-ear cups for maximum comfort and isolation from ambient noise. If you want to look as good as your music sounds, the HD 220 Addidas Originals have you covered.


  • Magnets neodymium high-performance stereo sound powerful, rich graves
  • Closed supra-aural design reduces outside noise and isolated from the environment for better sound
  • For a perfect hold and a comfortable adjustable headphones
  • The headband is adjustable and the headphones are equipped with upholstered cushions.
  • Headphones HD 220 Adidas Originals comes with a carrying pouch
  • Eye catching design. Look unique on ears.
  • Optimized for iPod, iPhone, MP3 players and portable CD players
  • Warranty 2 years

SENNHEISER hd220 adidas

Verdict Sennheiser HD 220

The excellent quality of urban allied to the chic design sound. Headphones Sennheiser HD Originals 220 comes in blue and white. It offers good bass reproduction and a perfect outfit for play or work.


  • Dynamic closed transducers
  • 1.4m cable
  • 3.5mm angled stereo connector
  • 24 ohm impedance
  • 108 dB max sound pressure level
  • 19Hz-21kHz frequency response

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