Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless Headphones

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The Rolls Royce of Wireless, the RS 180 Wireless Overview

Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless offers lovers of Hi-Fi listening without compromise and with complete freedom. Transmission of uncompressed, its open design and the ability to share the provided base are guarantees of quality and ease of use.

In the RS 180, Sennheiser delivers sound quality to be large and booming with plenty of bass that hits like a hammer but without harming the high-end.. Using an open, circumaural design, the headphones offers a detailed, rich and specialized reproduction that will delight music lovers. A balance control allows adjustment perfect sound image in the space.

This wireless headphone system utilizes Kleer's uncompressed digital technology allows to maintain the dynamics of the audio signal to a life-size without alteration.. In addition, You listen to your audio source favorite freely throughout the House and even in the garden.

The sennheiser rs180 includes the automatic level adjustment of reception ensures a perfect consistency of the volume that at any time anything come to disturb your enjoyment.

All in all, the RS 180 is the king of wireless headphones offering a unique wireless listening experience.


Most wireless headsets have a flaw: the limitation of bandwidth in the two ends of the spectrum, consequence of this type of transmission. Sennheiser offers a new technology high frequency, without compression, to benefit assumed dynamics and response curve. This model very well manufactured circumaural and attractive aesthetics has a balance adjustment for very precise adjustment of the stereo image and automatic adjustment of the level of reception for a better stability of the volume. The transmitter support also provides the function of charging the headphones, listening to the same source that can extend to four listeners with a RS 180. The autonomy of listening is about twenty-four hours.

Compared to wireless headphones as we know it, this template displayed a net progress in the field of sound purity and in the correlative of the transmission of the signal. There is no qualitative impairment, no parasites associated with remoteness. The integrity of the information is preserved. The spectral extent suffers no alteration in bass or treble slightly emphasis. The stamps are a beautiful diversity, quite believable stereo image, the perfect definition. Maximum uncompressed dynamic negotiating very pretty shades - the terrible attacks of the piano in high grade are still a few parasites...
A happy discovery.

-High sensitivity and very good transmission range.
-Very high homogeneity.

Weak points:
-Small accent at the top of the spectrum.

Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless Headphones


-Freedom for music lovers
Wireless headset, open circumaural. It offers a detailed, rich and spatial reproduction that will delight music lovers. A balance control allows for adjustments perfect sound image in the space.

-HF wireless uncompressed digital technology
HF Kleer, uncompressed, digital technology to preserve the dynamics of the audio signal to a life-size without alteration.

-ALC system for even more listening comfort
Auto-level reception ensures a perfect consistency of the volume so that at any time anything comes disturbing your pleasure.

-Reach 100 m
You're listening to your audio source preferred freely through the House
and even in the garden.

-A multifunction transmitter that has a sense of sharing
The transmitter support also provides the function of charging the headset with ease. In addition, up to four persons, equipped with headphones HDR 180, can listen to the same audio source.

-Ergonomic and comfortable
With its ear flaps trimmed velvet, adapting automatically to the morphology of each, and its adjustable padded headband headset allows hours of listening in the utmost comfort.

-Listening, custom
Digital setting of volume with function "Mute" to instantly cut listening and also easily restore it to its original level.

-Easy to use
No complicated... manipulation you are connecting, you listen!

-Up to 24 hours of battery life
Powered by two rechargeable batteries, the receiver headset gives you up to 24 hours of listening.

Transmitter technical characteristics:
-Transmission range: up to 100 m
-Modulation: MSK digital
-HF frequency range: 2.4-2.48 GHz
-Power supply: Mains
-Connector: 3.5 mm stereo Jack
-Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 11.2 cm x 23 cm
-Weight: 341 g

Receiver specifications
-Transducer: Open - circum-aural
-Audio (headphones) frequency response: 18 – 21 000 Hz
-Maximum sound pressure level (SPL): 106 dB
-Total harmonic distortion (THD): < 0.5%
-Signal to noise (S/N) ratio: 209 g (without batteries)
-Power: 2 AAA Rechargeable NiMH batteries
-Battery life: Approx. 24 hours

-1 headphones HDR 180
-transmitter TR 180 with detachable RCA audio interconnect cable
-1 adapter Jack 3.5 mm-6,35 mm
-1 power supply
-2 rechargeable batteries type AAA NiMH

-Packaging (W x H x D) dimensions: 232 x 152 x 257 mm
-Weight of the product with packaging: 1,371 kg

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