Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 Earphones Entirely renovated for 2013 Hyper-competitive prices!

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Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 Earphones | Buy with Free UK Delivery | Hyper-competitive prices!

Thinking about getting quality earphones? Looking for quality sound? Looking for fashionable earphones?

Entirely renovated for 2013, the skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 earphones offers terrific, sleek, chic design equipped with a superb quality of listening ear headset.


Look no further, let’s look at the all new skullcandy inkd 2.0 earphones, a new attractive product that creates an exciting and fun listening experience, is comfortable. In fact the inkd 2.0 earphones represent an impressive package of fantastic sound quality, comfort and in addition have all that important classy factor. These inkd earphones should be music to the ears.

Firstly with any headphones & earphones you need quality sound. Engineered, designed, manufactured by professionally at skullcandy, you are guaranteed to get unique, clear and natural sound experience for every kind of music. The skullcandy ink d offer supreme sound and delivers attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs. In addition the skullcandy Ink’d in-ear design blocks unwanted outside noise, so if you’re commuting to work you can listen to your music in peace, without bothering people next to you.

Design & Colors

Secondly, the Skullcandy inkd 2.0 in ear earphones are sold in many color and many style. There should be something for everyone with vibrant variations to suit your style. In addition skullcandy have included three sizes of earbud tips (small, medium and large) to accommodate more ears and provide comfort to more users.


Its flat cable avoids the bag of knots at the time where you are looking for your headphones at the bottom of your pocket. /p>

skullcandy in ear headphones

skullcandy earphones blue

skullcandy 2.0 ink pink earphones

skullcandy rasta earphones


In the market you will find many other earphones but at a low price these earphones will give you solid performance and value for your money. Definitely worth considering when buying headphones in the £20 bracket.

Skullcandy inkd earphones


11mm driver and neodymium magnet to offer serious full-range sound
3.5mm Gold Plated
16 ohms
1.3 meter flattened cable for style and durability

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