Skullcandy Uprock 2.0 Headphones Sporting a Sleek Design

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Skullcandy's Uprock headphones unleash 40mm unit driver speakers, tangle-proof flat cord and a mixed-material structure for long lasting durability. The headphones have beautiful ergonomics, a perfect blend of sporty looks and soft-touch finish and luxurious earpads. In addition the headphones delivery quality sound.

Sound Performance

Skullcandy has become famous for delivering perfect balance of design, comfort and performance. With Skullcandy headphones you are definitely going to stand out in the crowd by a very modern design of uprocks. The full spectrum of unique styling and diverse colors and sleek design is especially attractive for kids.

The All new skullcandy uprock 2.0 headphones are no different. They continue the skullcandy legacy of building great headphones. The skullcandy’s with supreme sound tuning technology that delivers attacking rich deep bass, natural vocals and precision highs you are bound to get impressive performance from your headphones. The skullcandy’s sporting twin 40mm drivers provide a staggering amount of sound with immense clarity that will compliment any audio and that will easily burn the competition.

Comfort & Design

Skullcandy is dedicated to impressive designs, the ergonomics of Skullcandy product ensures products like the Skullcandy Uprock Headphones fit perfectly around your head.

In addition, the unique colors and personality of these headphones, you also get headphones that are great for wearing for long durations when listening to your favorite tracks. The lightweight design of the headphones is perfect for on the go. Furthermore, made from faux leather and memory foam - the soft cushions and plush ear pillows mould around your ears for great comfort and extended listening periods. So enjoy the beats and rhythms of your favorite music with these stylish headphones in comfort. Ohh they also look cool with the skulls.


We have to say there is nothing harsh or dull about these skullcandy 2.0 uprock headphones at the price we offer them at. They are no match for your beats or any studio quality headphones but priced at below £25 they are incredibly comfortable, offer unique styling and value for money.


  • Cable Length 1.2M
  • Ergonomic design, soft-touch finish, and plush ear pillows.
  • Cushion ear pieces.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • 3.5mm jack.
  • 40mm driver deliver full spectrum sound
  • Frequency Response: 20-20 kHz

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