Sony MDR-V300 Headband for Amateur DJ's

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Sony's MDR-V300 Studio Monitor Headphones | Bass & DJ Headphones

Whether you're an amateur DJ looking for quality monitor headphones, that will not break the bank or just want headphones that deliver fantastic sound, then the sony v300 headphones are for you.

The Sony headphones are entry level headphones, priced competitively, to deliver an amazing experience on the dance floor or in the studio mixing stuff. For next level up and substantial increase in quality, then go for the sony v55 headphones available in trendy colors..

With assured sony build quality and sound engineering and design at the heart, the mdr-v300 delivers big sound and reliability. Also in addition, they are equipped with reversible swivel ear cups for single-sided monitoring.

The headphones are lightweight, comfortable and sturdy built.

The MDR-V300 also comes with a 3 meter long cord allowing you to move around and listen to your tunes at the same time.

Key Features:

DJ Style headphones with Reversible mechanism for one ear listening;
Recommended Use - Professional audio system, home audio system, portable audio system
30 mm driver unit for exceptional sound quality
Reversible housing for DJ monitoring
OFC both sided cord
Gold plated plug for reliable transmission of audio signals
Folding headband;Compact and foldable for easy transport and storage
Neodymium magnet (5x more powerful than Ferrite) - Neodymium magnet For powerful bass and clear highs
Metallic Silver finish
Instruction Manual

sony mdr v300 headphones


The Sony MDR-V300 is a closed headphone for the ambitious amateur DJ with neodymium magnet drivers that deliver high quality and powerful bass.


Product description: SONY MDR-V300 - headphones
Product type: headphones
Response bandwidth: 18 / 22 000 Hz
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Impedance: 24 Ohm
Diaphragm: PET 30 mm
Magnet: neodymium
Connectivity: Cable
Weight: 116 g
Sony guarantee: 1 year

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