SONY BTM8 Portable Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker White

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SONY SRS BTM8 Portable Bluetooth® Speaker

The SONY SRS BTM8 Speaker is a classy Feature-packed portable speaker designed specifically with use for MP3 players and smart phones. The speaker can operate wirelessly and through an integrated wire which will allow for seamless playing.

So immerse yourself in high quality sony sound with a one touch button.

Easy to set up and hook up to your mobile, and entertain yourself with supreme room-filling sound from powerful speakers.

Apple & MP3 Compatibility

The SONY SRS BTM8 Speaker is specifically designed for use with the iPod and iPhone; however, it can easily be used with other mp3 players, smart phones and other mobile multimedia devices. There are multiple lines of entry which make the speaker compatible with different types of mp3 players, including those which are not Bluetooth compatible.

Mic & HandsFree

The speaker contains an integrated microphone in addition to its wireless or wired speaker. The integrated microphone allows for the ability to call with hands-free technology when the speaker is being used with the iPhone. So make handsfree calls without missing a beat.

Bluetooth & NFC

The SONY SRS BTM8 Speaker is powered through an active speaker in the system is integrated with the following components: an audio amplifier, Bluetooth 3.0 integration; Near Field Communication (NFC) integration. The Bluetooth technology integrated into the speaker includes a Hands-Free Profile, a Headset Profile, an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, and an Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. The Bluetooth technology allows for hands-free calls in crystal clear quality and operates on the wireless frequency of a Bluetooth® 2.4 GHz band.

Most mobile iPhone iPod iPad tablets and smart phones are bluetooth enabled so they are easily accessible with the wireless sony speakers.

Wireless & Music wherever you like

The SONY SRS BTM8 Speaker can be used wirelessly or wire connected through an external power adaptor. The speaker can run wirelessly using AA batteries for approximately 20 hours of moderate or regular use; it can also be operated through an external power adaptor for an unlimited period of time.

In addition due to the lightweight nature of the speaker system, and the built in carry handle for the speakers, they are very portable from carrying within different rooms of the home.

And thanks to the wired capability you can easily take out to parties at friends.

High quality playback

The speaker features 4 watt wireless power--or 2 x 2 watt power--and a full range 50mm driver; when the SONY SRS BTM8 Speaker is being used with external AC power, it operates at 120 V 60 Hz and runs for 6W instead of 4W.

Size of Speakers

The speaker measures 24.5 cm in width; 8.8 cm in depth; 18.5 cm in height; and weighs approximately 1.06 kg.

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