HD-65 TV Headset With Clear Crisp Sound (integrated remote control)

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Ideal for TV, the HD 65 Closed Dynamic TV Headphones with Independent Volume Control

Designed for watching tv and movies, without disturbing anyone.

Stereo tv headphones equipped with a connecting cable length for a high-quality listening away from the screen. Its volume control integrated in cable, separate left and right channels to adjust the listening level to your hearing. Providing good insulation, HD 65 TV allows you to listen to tv, with the volume that suits you, without disturbing your loved ones or be affected by the environment. Aesthetic and ergonomic, it ensures optimum comfort.

Strong points

Ideal for TV and more if affinity...
Headphones are closed supra-aural, providing good isolation so that you can listen to the TV or any other audio souce without disturbing others or being disturbed by others.

Stereo Hi-Fi
Top notch sound clarity of HD 65 comes with an excellent speech intelligibility. The high efficiency of its neodymium transducers is the guarantee of a comfortable listening with any sound source level.

Aesthetics and ergonomics
The HD 65 TV is very pleasant to wear, optimised for comfort. Your comfort is total of long evenings spent in front of the TV.

Listen for a tailor-made
New remote volume control on the cable enables the individual setting of the level for each ear. Nothing easier than to adjust listening depending on your hearing. Independent volume control: the left and right channels are separately adjustable

SENNHEISER hd65 tv headphones

Maximum freedom
6 m high definition cable avoids any degradation of sound quality while allowing a listen away from the screen.

A versatile tv headphones
HD 65 TV connectivity enables to connect all audio sources or TV/video with a stereo headphone jack.

It will follow you everywhere
The cable, disconnectable level adjustment housing, allows you to use the 65 HD TV with a portable CD player, MP3, DVD, etc. Excellent connectivity: 6.3 mm stereo adapter included

Peace of mind
With a 2 year warranty.

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