Plantronics GameCom 380 PC Headset

-17% Plantronics GameCom 380 PC Headset

Game On with Plantronics GameCom 380 Headphones (PC Headset 3.5mm Jack)

We are proud to present the fantastic Plantronics Gamecom 380 Pc Gaming Headset Pc. With so many available today, it is great to have a make you can trust. The Plantronics Gamecom 380 Pc Gaming Headset Pc is certainly that and will be a superb acquisition.Heritage of Plantronics

We are proud to announce the plantronics gamecom 380 gaming headset. This is not like your average gaming headset. It has featured in almost all gaming expo held in the recent past. With over fifty years experience in headset design, plantronics is firmly established in the market of gaming headsets. The gamecom 380 at under £25 is truly a remarkable headset acquisition that is able to match some of its more expensive competitors in the field of performance.

Gaming Audio of Gamecom 380 Headset

The gamecom 380 headset comes with incredible 40 millimeters speakers that will get you right into the action straight away. The speaker delivers immersive stereo sound and deep bass which will give the feeling of every thump and blast of action, ideal for a gaming condition or watching movies. These speakers are an engineering ingenuity synonymous with plantronics. . The gaming 380 headset is quite versatile partner for any gaming actions. It comes with a noise cancelling mic for crystal clear crisp communications. In addition the noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise so that your opponents and team members can clearly hear your commands in the battlefield. The excellent microphone enables communication between gamers for easier coordination between team members. This supports multi-player experience hence keeping the game enjoyable and highly competitive. The microphone has a frequency range of between 100 hertz to 8 kilohertz for transmission of the sound.

Comfort of Plantronics 380 Headset

The plantronics 380 gamecom headphone has a stylish and elegant design. The ultra-comfortable soft ear cushioned ear pods are very comfortable.

Volume Control of Gamecom 380

The functionality of the plantronics gaming 380 is world class, delivering high quality real sound that will be appreciated by gamers and music lovers. The 380 gamecom is built with the gamer in mind. It has a volume control which is easy to reach, right on the earpods so you’ll always have your eyes on the game.. The headset is adjustable hence is comfortable for different ear and head physique. The 380 headset has ear pods that can swivel at an angle of 360 degree increasing their flexibility, no matter what game you are playing.

Plantronics GameCom 380, gamecom 380 headset

Verdict of Plantronics Gamecom 380 Headset

 The plantronics gaming gamecom 380 headset has a 3.5 millimeter universal connector/plug that is compatible with all personal computers. The long cord/cable is toughened yet flexible to allow for room space movement during gaming.

 Robust and complete, the plantronics gamecom 380 headset is designed for players who want a full gaming experience

 Pro’s of Plantronics 380 Headset:

  •     Built-in axis spin joints allow the ear pods to lay flat around your neck when you’re taking a break, or for easy storage in-between competitive matches
  •     Excellent sound;
  •     lightweight;
  •     good microphone quality;
  •     stretching is no problem;
  •     price quality is amazing;
  •     functional design;
  •     plug and play;
  •     volume


  •     You look a bit weird when you want more volume;
  •     No USB connection so pc only; (If you have a bit more to spend and need a USB headset you can buy the Plantronics Gamecom 780 headset)

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